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Choosing a domain name isn’t as important as most people think or as it was decades ago. Unless you want to build a big authority or a big brand website like Facebook, YouTube, etc…  In this case, choosing a domain name isn’t easy. Because the name should be both memorable and meaningful and should describe what the brand is all about. If this isn’t your case don’t spend much time choosing the name and don’t overthink it.

Try to find a name not very long, keep it at maximum with two or three words. Try to find something that flows from the tongue. Good domains are short, memorable, and easy to spell. If you are doing a specific website, I recommend putting that keyword in the domain name. Before choosing the domain name it’s important to have an idea of the website you are going to build.


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Domain Name Keywords

If your website is going to be about a specific niche (for example on how to make money online niche), you can choose the word money as your main keyword. Also, you might think of a few other related words that might sound good next or before the word money. For example, make, free, generate, etc…

Next, I recommend using a domain name generator to help you find a good name for your site or to get some more ideas.





BustAName Domain Name

Bustaname is one of the best name generators online. This program takes a lot more inputs from the users than its competitors. Thanks to his many features you can control exactly how you want to sort the elements of your domain name.

How to use Bustaname?

At step #1 insert your main keyword that is the best match for your future website.  At step #2 you will see a table that will list your keywords. If you put your mouse cursor to the arrows next to the minus you will get some more variations of that word. At step #3 are listed all available domains from these word combinations.

Also at the Options tab, are some extra options that you can use, like the domain extensions, 2 or 3-word combinations, prefix, suffix, etc…

BustAName Domain Name

With Bastaname is another useful way of looking for domains that may result in awesome brandable names.

BustAName Domain Name

Click at the Domain Maker tab next to the Domain Search tab. Enter the keyword that you want your to star or to end with. Then you can choose how much natural do you want your domain name to look, very natural, less natural, or somewhat natural. Also, you can set a limited number of characters for your domain from 5 to 15 and you may check some extra features as well on the Options tab. After you are done click Go.

Below the domain maker options tab is the list with all available domain names. If you like any of these you save it and purchase the domain name later. If you don’t like any, you can play a little more with the character limit, how natural, or other options. Or from the results list, you can get other domain name ideas.

The last option is the Make Random Domain tab, which generates domains from nothing. It’s good to find brandable domains or getting name ideas if you don’t know where to start.



LeanDomainSearch Domain Name

This application is created by team Automattic. They are the core team working for WordPress and responsible for the platform. They are a very professional and experienced team especially when it comes to domain names.

LeanDomainSearch is good to use when you don’t have many keywords, but only a general idea of your niche or business.

How to use this online name domain name generator?

Also, this one is really easy to use. All that you do is write one word that represents the idea of your website and then click search.

LeanDomainSearch Domain Name

The application is also a domain name checker it will list lots of domain names that are available. LeanDomainSearch is known for the quality of its suggestions.



GoDaddy Domain Name

Godaddy is one of the largest and most popular domain name registrars with more than 80 million managed. With them, you can find the domain you need in just few click and check if is available. And if happened so thanks to advanced search engine features you can learn who owns it and how to contact them.

How to use Godaddy search domain names?

GoDaddy Domain Name

This is probably the fastest method on how to find a cheap domain name. In the search bar type your keywords and press enter. Their downside of this service is that the list of suggestions is too short, but with WHOIS extra feature you can check how now that domain if the domain is not available.

GoDaddy Domain Name Whois

At the bottom of the page at the Resources menu, click WHOIS and you will get to this page. Retype again the domain name and press enter. Here you will see some general information.

GoDaddy Domain Name Whois

If you scroll down there is the option “Contact Domain Holder“.

GoDaddy Domain Name Whois

Here is a method with some pre-made options to contact the owner of the domain. They also offer Domain Broker Service. With this option, they will give you a dedicated broker agent that will take all possible steps to attempt to secure the domain on your behalf.

Some of the domains may come with a higher price than the others these are known as premium domains because they are considered valuable domain real estate.

Your domain registration with GoDaddy is secure. Because they will hide all your personal information like your name, street address, phone number in the WHOIS directory. This will protect your identity from any online search attempt.

GoDaddy Review



NameBoy Domain Name

Nameboy generates very coolly, original domain names that are more than just the standard .com. You may use this application when you have a general idea about the keywords you wanna put.

How to use this online name domain name generator?

Well, this might be the easiest online generator to use. Just put your keyword and click submit. But if you put only your primary keyword you probably won’t get a great result. Because the list generated from one word only, are domains already taken. But anyway it might help you get domain name suggestions for secondary keywords.

NameBoy Domain Name


For a better search result insert more than one keyword and try again generating another list of results.


NameBoy Domain Name


Anyway, we suggest keeping your domain name not very long. In most cases, 2-3 words would be enough to generate good domain names.



Domain Name FAQ

What is a domain name and how does it work?A domain name is a human-friendly IP address, sometimes called a web address or a URL.  It was created to make the Internet Protocol or IP more accessible and easy to use.

When you enter a domain name in your browser, from the Domain Name System it sends a request to the global network.  And now these servers lookup for the name servers related to the domain name send the request to the name servers.

How does the domain name system work?

DNS translates domain names to IP addresses such as 192.168, so browsers can load internet websites. Each computer connected to the internet has a unique IP which is used by other computers to find and to track it. Thanks to DNS servers people do not need to memorize IP addresses.


What is a domain name server?

The DNS server is the phonebook of the Internet. People use it to get access to online information about specific domains. For example who owns, contact information, or on how to purchase a domain name already owned by someone.


How to get a free domain name registration?

Getting a domain name involves registering domain names that you have chosen with an organization called ICANN through a domain name registrar.

So if someone would ask how much does a domain name cost? Well, the registration fee usually costs around US$10 to US$35.

Some other companies offer it for free. For example, at Hostinger or Bluehost you can get it the first year for free. Their customer services are great and will support you in getting started with your domain really quickly.


How to buy a domain name from someone?

Buying a domain name from someone might not be so easy if it’s owned by a big company. This task worth the shot only if your business really depends on the exact name otherwise going with another name or using that name with an extension might be a better idea.

Well, the first step is domain name lookup or finding out who owns that particular domain name. Browse the site and see if there is any way to contact information. If not then go to WHOIS, which is a public database with information and a link contact to the owner.

After you find the domain name owner (the decision-maker) you need to start negotiating. You can you Estibot or Namebio to find out how much that domain worth helping you to come up with an offer.


How to sell a domain name privately?

Determine how much you would sell it. Estibot might help get an idea of your domain name value how much it might worth.Decide how you would like to sell.Make sure your contact information is public on the WHOIS directory.Prepare your domain listing.Use an Escrow service to receive payment.Transfer domain.


Which is the best place to buy a domain name?

There is no best place to buy a domain name because once you register it, it’s yours. And it doesn’t matter where did you get it from.

However, some cheap domain name registrars offer more services than others. We would recommend SiteGround of Bluehost as two of the best companies with lots of extra features and great customer service.


If the domain name expired how to get it back?

Depending on your domain name registration service, you may check for their renewal available options. Contact them as soon as possible.

If you don’t remember your registrar, you may conduct a WHOIS search by visiting


What is a fully qualified domain name example?

A fully qualified and domain name (FQDN), sometimes is also referred to as an absolute domain name, is a domain name that specifies its exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System or DNS. Which specifies all domain levels, including the top-level domain and the root zone.


How to change domain name on WordPress?

After you log in to your WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings, select General, change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address with the new domain name, and then save your changes.


What are the most popular domain name extensions?

Depending on the purpose of your website the domain extension may take an important role. Here are the top 5 most common domain name extensions.

.com – For-profit – If .com is – For non-profit – For corporations and commercial – For citizens and entities of the United States





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